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Kirk W. Boland (Sr.) teams up with his son, Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr. to write songs that pay tribute to the members of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as songs that are pro U.S.A., or about the American way of life.

Kirk W. Boland (Sr.) is a former Army Guard helicopter pilot, as well as, former enlisted aircraft maintenance crew chief on RF-4C Phantom IIs in the U.S. Air Force.

Kirk worked at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC, FOB, Ar Ramadi, Iraq, Al Taqaddum Airbase, Iraq, Farah Airfield, and FOB Delaram II, in Afghanistan.

Kirk, Sr. is an ASCAP songwriter, and an ASCAP publisher, Full Metal Jacket Music.


Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr., is currently a U.S. Army, First Lieutenant, Armor, in the South Carolina Army National Guard.

Kirk, Jr. is a Songwriter, Guitarist, Classical Guitarist.

Please check the You Tube Channel,  Gunship7
for Boland Music Group and Full Metal Jacket Music 
Here is the link -

You may contact Kirk (Sr.) at, kirk@fullmetaljacketmusic.com

                                                                                  Kirk W. Boland (Sr.)  with  Gary Sinise in Afghanistan

Billy Blanks creator of Tae Bo with Kirk Boland and instructor Julie Ann in Iraq

CDs that contain songs written by members of Boland Music Group / Full Metal Jacket Music.

The "Tip of the Spear" CD contains a song cut by our friend Kata Hay. The song written by Kirk W. Boland, titled, "Half Her Heart Is In Iraq (Amy's Smile)", is a tribute to military wives.

The "Gary McVay CD, Your Volunteers Stand True" ( http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/garymcvay ) , contains the song written by Kirk W. Boland that honors his fallen friend, Chief Warrant Officer 3, Donovan "Bull" Briley, U.S. Army Night Stalker, KIA during Operation Gothic Serpent (Black Hawk Down). 

The song is titled, "The Ballad of the Night Stalker (NSDQ)".

  Photo- Copyright, Kirk W. Boland   Insert  - Photo of CW3 Donovan L. Briley with his daughter, Jordan Briley (copyright Sharri Briley used with permission).

Sharri Briley, Mark Bowden (Author of Black Hawk Down), Jordan Briley
(Photo - Copyright, Sharri Briley, used with permission.)

The photo below was taken in 2010 during the rededication ceremony of a monument at Camp Robinson, Arkansas that honors Chief Warrant Officer 3, Donovan L. Briley, U.S. Army Night Stalker.

For more info on American Hero, CW3 Donovan Briley, visit the You Tube video, 

"The Ballad of the Night Stalker" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k43niZuT214

                SONGWRITERS and BROTHERS

              Kirk W. Boland (ASCAP), and Charlie Boland (BMI)
           Special thanks to Charlie "Chuck" Boland on the awesome production he did on the song,
         "The Ultimate Love Story", which was written by Mr. Dale Hoover and Kirk W. Boland (ASCAP).
        He is a link to this moving Christian Country song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzT0A56aW8M

                                                 Darkness Still Remains

"Darkness Still Remains", is an original song meant to draw attention to Traumatic Brain Injury / Posttraumatic Stress Disorder issues that many members of our armed forces have to deal with after returning home from the war zones.

Our troops great sacrifice of mind, family and future, may not be seen on the outside, and their stories are not always told, or have happy endings. 
Our service members and veterans deserve quality TBI / PTSD screening, health care and disability benefits. As reported in many news stories, the money saving diagnoses is to  just say, no. 

Many of our troops have their TBI / PTSD diagnoses denied, or later overturned.
We hope our song gives another voice to those with TBI / PTSD issues.

Kirk W. Boland (Sr.) 
Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr. 
Charlie "Chuck" Boland

Kirk W. Boland (Sr.) -  ASCAP
Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr.

DOWNLOAD - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/KirkWBoland

MUSIC PRODUCER - Charlie "Chuck" Boland 
Special thanks to Charlie for all his work on this song.

PUBLISHING - Open, we'd like to see Tom Hanks use this song in one of his next movies that focuses on war, PTSD, or TBI.    Contact - kirk@fullmetaljacketmusic.com

Our song, "And They All Came Home But Me (Once A Marine)",
was cut by OIF/OEF USMC Veteran, Chad Van Rys.  

This was the second release for the song.  

Chad changed the song up to fit his style, and became one
of the writers, along with Kirk W. Boland, and his son, Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr.

You can find this song at, http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/chadvanrys

The watch the video of the song visit the You Tube link,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sPHfPmePNI

We are still interested in a major artist picking up this song.
Publishing is open, contact - kirk@fullmetaljacketmusic.com

Singer / Songwriter and OIF Veteran, Chad Van Rys with Kirk Boland in Iraq.

Our song, "Blue Collar Fighting Man" was included on this
Norman Lear project, and released on March 24, 2009 by
Declaration of Independence, Inc., under license to
Concord Music Group,Inc.
The song has the #2 postion on the album.
Chad Van Rys cut this version of the song which was written
by Chad Van Rys(BMI) , Charlie Boland(BMI) , and Kirk W. Boland(ASCAP).
This cut was produced by Charlie Boland.
This is the third time this song has been released, first by Kirk W. Boland.
Then released by Gary McVay.
All three of the current writers are still looking to take this Southern Rock
song to the next level with a major artist. 
The songwriters still own all rights to the song, and publishing is open.
(Contact Kirk at

Remember West Virginia Coal

Artist Kelly Coberly included two of our songs on her album.
The title track, "Remember West Virginia Coal", 
was written by Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr. and his

father, Kirk W. Boland (Sr.).
The song was played in Nashville at various clubs, as well as

in rotation on sat. radio.

"My Heart's Missing In Action (No Tea Parties)"

                                                                         Ola Sundeen Boland
The other one of our songs on Kelly's album was, "My Heart's Missing In Action", written by
Ola S. Boland, her husband Kirk W. Boland(Sr.), and Kirk's friend, Keith Chancey,
a former U.S. Marine and Gulf War veteran.
Here's the You Tube link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUww5s49Qb0
We still would like these songs, Remember West Virginia Coal, and My Heart's Missing In Action to get
picked up by a major country or bluegrass artist.
Publishing is open, contact - kirk@fullmetaljacketmusic.com

        Pittman Gospel Singers
          Night Stalkers Don't Quit (NSDQ)   160th SOAR (A) SONG

The "160 Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)" theme song has been rewritten. The team from the Pittman Gospel Singers, lead by Samuel Pittman have donated their time to this military tribute song. The song will be recorded in the studio as soon as their schedule allows. 
I was so taken by the new arrangement of the song, that I recorded Sammy and his daughter, Gabrielle Elaine Pittman while they were working on the song. (Jan. 2013)
(So here is a clip of just the first verse/chorus and second verse/chorus)


The "Pittman Gospel Singers" also recorded our Country Gospel song,
 "God's Awesome Love (Unmeasured)".

Here is a live working video of them performing our song.
The first time they had ever heard the song was the day before they sung the song on the live video, and already have made it their own.
The Pittman Gospel Singers are currently unsigned, to contact Mr. Pittman, send me an email, and I'll forward it to him, kirk@fullmetaljacketmusic.com

TITLE - God's Awesome Love (Unmeasured)
ARTISTS - Pittman Gospel Singers
MUSIC PRODUCER - Samuel Pittman 
Kirk Wesley Boland (ASCAP) 
Pastor Kenneth R. Nichols

CONTACT - kirk@fullmetaljacketmusic.com
COPYRIGHT - Lyrics and Music PAu002849294, Kirk Boland and Kenneth Nichols 

         Samantha Irene Pittman                    Adrienne Pittman                     Gabrielle Elaine Pittman                           Samuel Pittman

NEW GOSPEL SONG by SINGER/SONGWRITER - Gabrielle Elaine Pittman and Kirk W. Boland
During the last visit, Gabby was reworking our song "What Kind Of Love".
Her vision of what this song could be is just stunning.
Stay tuned .....we'll get it finished at some point.

Thanks for stopping by.
You can find many songs listed under the
name, "Boland, Kirk", when doing a copyright
search. If you see a title that looks interesting,
send an email to kirk@fullmetaljacketmusic.com

As with any songwriter, we are always looking for artists
to cut a song or two.

 Full Metal Jacket Music Logo is trademark and copyright by Kirk W. Boland


Newspaper article featuring Kirk Wesley Boland, Jr. (AKA - Wes) , and
Kirk W. Boland (Sr.)
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